5 Karaoke Applications to Accompany Work Activities from Home

Karaoke Applications

The policy of working from home, aka (WFH), often has the potential to make someone get bored quickly. Moreover, the atmosphere of the home itself is different from the office environment.

Karaoke Applications

As a result, it is not strange if some people are looking for entertainment, like looking for the latest movie watching or just singing their favorite songs at home.

This time we wanted to discuss five smartphone applications that could be used for karaoke fun at home. Some of the applications that we chose are quite popular and each has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Lets see explanation below.

1. Smule


The name Smule may have crossed your mind when searching for a karaoke application. Because, Smule has been downloaded by 100 million people and is arguably one of the most widely used karaoke applications.

Through Smule, you can sing millions of your favorite songs, both locally and internationally. You can also sing with a friend ( duet ), sing together ( group ), or sing alone ( solo ).

The features in Smule include a voice and video recording mode that is equipped with a variety of effects, guidelines for practicing sound, as well as features for uploading songs or videos recorded to “Smule Songbook” for other users to sing.

Smule can be downloaded at the Google Play Store the following link (Android), or the Apple App Store at this link .

2. Joox


Besides being used to listen to music, Joox also turned out to be used for karaoke via the “Sing” feature. You can sing millions of songs available on the Joox application, through the Sing feature.

When used for karaoke, Joox can also record your voice and video singing, either solo or duet, and upload it to the platform, to be exhibited to the crowd. For those of you who are interested in karaoke using the Joox application, you can download it at the following link (Android). For the IOS version itself can be found at the following link .

3. WeSing


WeSing is a karaoke application made by Chinese tech giant Tencent. This application can also be used to sing various songs while recording your performance while singing, both solo and duet. The results of the recording can be uploaded and can be seen by other WeSing users.

Just like a social media, the user can also follow each other WeSing ( follow ) and leave a comment or like to karaoke recordings of other users. Uniquely, the application that has been downloaded more than 50 million times has a “Download” feature, where users can sing their favorite songs offline without requiring an internet connection.

The Android version of the WeSing application can be found at the following link , while the iOS version can be downloaded at the following link .

4. StarMaker


StarMaker is a karaoke application that has been downloaded more than 50 million times. Similar to other applications, StarMaker offers a karaoke feature that allows users to record their favorite songs, both solo and duet .

The recording can also be uploaded to the platform StarMaker and can be seen, like ( like ), and commented on by other users. The advantage of StarMaker over other karaoke platforms lies in its collection of Indian songs, which is arguably quite complete. Starmaker can be downloaded for free at the following link (Android) and the following link (iOS).

5. Yokee ( Karaoke )


The karaoke application that has been downloaded 50 million times is actually called “Yokee”, but in the app store the name is “Karaoke”. Yokee can be used to sing a variety of favorite songs from Indonesia and abroad that are available in it. You can also record karaoke results, both in audio and video format, and share them with other users.

Interestingly, you can choose several sound effects, such as “Stage” or “Hall”, so that the recording sounds like a professional singer. Well, to enjoy the Yokee application, you can visit the following link (Android). While the iOS version can be obtained by clicking the following link .

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