7 Applications for Meetings from Home via Smartphone

Google Meet

Even though they cannot meet face to face, professional workers who work at home stay connected with colleagues through various remote conference applications, both for meetings and discussions. Meeting participants can have many people at once.

Various teleconferencing applications that allow this to be widely available, including on the popular mobile platforms Android and iOS. Here are some Applications for Meetings, summarized from Smartmeetings.com:

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp meeting

Besides being able to be used to chat with colleagues, WhatsApp can also be used for work meetings or just for long-distance discussions. Users can directly use the video call feature to make calls or hold small meetings .

It should be noted, WhatsApp only allows four people at once (including users) to make video calls in one call. WhatsApp can be downloaded at this link (Android) and this link (iOS).

2. Google Meet

Google Meet

Google has an online conversation application called Hangouts Meet. Unlike WhatsApp , Hangouts Meet can accommodate up to 250 users at once in a video call. Because it is owned by Google, this application is equipped with a number of Google features, which can display captions automatically with text-to-speec technology , and meeting schedules that are integrated with Google Calendar.

Other people can also be invited to join an online meeting room by entering the ” Meeting code” provided by the video conversation organizer. Android version of Google Meet can be downloaded at the following link . While the iOS version can be downloaded at this link . Users can also directly enjoy the Meet service via the web version at the following link .

3. Skype


Skype is a voice and video based conversation application made by Microsoft. This application allows up to 25 people to meet virtually in one call.

Unlike some other applications, Skype can be accessed from a variety of devices, including computers (PCs and laptops), smartphones , to TVs that support it. Skype can also be used as a text-based conversation medium , both individually and in groups, and supports paid voice calling services to mobile or landline numbers.

If you want to try Skype, you can download it at the following link to choose the device where you want the application to be installed.

4. Facetime


Users of Apple products are certainly familiar with this one application. Facetime is a video calling application for Apple ecosystem products such as iPhone, iPad and Pod Touch. Facetime can accommodate up to 32 people in one video call.

Not only the front camera, Facetime users can also use the back camera to show the object that they are watching in front of the eyes in real time to the video call participants. Unfortunately, the FaceTime application can only be used on Apple’s own devices. To download, please click the following link .

5. Slack


Slack is a group-based conversation application that can be used to communicate between topics. This application can also be used to share documents and conduct video conferences for up to 15 people.

Slack is integrated with several tools and social media to make it easy for users to send files and monitor work processes, such as Google Drive, Dropbox, to Twitter.

One of the interesting features in Slack is the search feature that can be used to browse topics or conversations that have been done before. Slack can be downloaded at this link (Android) and this link (iOS).

6. Zoom

Zoom is a conversation application that can also be used for video conferencing. This application can accommodate up to 100 people in one video call. Zoom is equipped with a number of qualified features for easy online face-to-face meetings, such as the feature of sharing user screens to participants ( screen sharing ), as well as support for Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box for sharing documents and photos.

There are also features that allow users to invite participants by phone number to e-mail. If you want to try Zoom, please visit the following link for the Android version and the following link for the iOS version.

7. Cisco Webex

Cisco Webex

Even though it sounds strange, Cisco Webex is used by a number of large companies, especially those on the Fortune 500 list. The maximum number of participants who can enter a video conference call varies, depending on the subscription package. However, the maximum number can be up to 100 people.

Features in the Cisco Webex application include screen sharing, Google Assistant and Google Home Hub support, virtual board features for drawing, document uploading features, to features for recording video conversations. Android users can download Cisco Webex on the following page, while iOS users can get it at the following link .


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