Account Hijackers Bill Gates and Elon Musk Are Suspected Insiders on Twitter

Twitter application on mobile

Citizens are being horrified by a case of hacking that befell the world’s top technology leaders. Famous figures such as Joe Biden, Elon Musk , Bill Gates and even former US President Barack Obama have been victims.

Twitter application on mobile

The incident began on Wednesday, when the accounts of famous people and business leaders were hijacked by hackers . Hackers then use hijacked accounts to launch cryptocurrency Bitcoin scams, by uploading tweets asking for donations to a Bitcoin wallet.

Based on information obtained by Motherboard, the hackers allegedly involved people in alias Twitter employees . It was also acknowledged by Twitter in a tweet containing the results of a temporary investigation that was uploaded shortly after the incident.

“We detected what we believed was a social engineering attack by the perpetrators, by targeting our employees who have access to internal systems and tools ,” Twitter said.

Assuming that this piracy does indeed involve company employees, there are likely to be two scenarios that occur. First, the culprit is the employee himself who launches the hacking action independently. The second possibility, employees provide assistance access to the Twitter system for hackers who come from outside the company.

It is still unknown which one is right. What is clear, as compiled from Vice, based on an investigation conducted so far, hackers have indeed gained access to Twitter’s internal tools .

The perpetrator also succeeded in changing the e-mail address, changing the ownership status of the account, and uploading tweets on the victim’s accounts. That is, internal access obtained by hackers is quite extensive.

The accounts of other famous figures, including Mike Bloomberg’s account and the Coinbase and Gemini cryptocurrency platforms , are also not immune to hacking. This is not the first hack case involving Twitter employees. In 2017, an employee temporarily deleted the personal account of US President Donald Trump.

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