AMD Radeon Pro VII Launch, Compete Nvidia Quadro

AMD Radeon Pro VII

AMD this week introduced a new graphic card, Radeon Pro VII aimed at computer workstations in the broadcast media and professional engineering industries. This graphics card was released by AMD as an inexpensive alternative to graphics cards made by its competitor, Nvidia, specifically the Quadro GV100 series.

AMD Radeon Pro VII

AMD promises, with two Radeon VII Pro, its performance is able to rival the Nvidia Quadro GV 100, with a price difference of almost half. The comparison table can be seen in the table made by AMD below.

amd table comparison

Radeon Pro VII has 3,840 stream processors and computing performance of up to 6.5 TFLOPS. This graphics card is designed to handle media and broadcast projects, Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) simulations, and High-Performance Computing (HPC) applications.

“Professionals today are challenged to meet short deadlines with tight budgets, which aim to deliver world-class results,” said Scott Herkelman, Corporate Vice President and General Manager, AMD Graphics Business Unit.

“AMD Radeon Pro VII provides it by providing innovative, high-performance technology that allows users to easily manage larger and complex simulations,” Herkelman continued.

According to a written statement received , Friday (05/15/2020), to support its performance, the Radeon Pro VII is equipped with 16GB of High Bandwidth Memory (HBM2) RAM.

This graphics card can run up to 6 displays at a time, with a PCIe 4.0 interface that supports high performance up to 8K resolution. 8K image processing performance in DaVinci Resolve’s Blackmagic Design content processing software is claimed to be 26 percent higher than competitors.

The Radeon Pro VII plan will be available from offline and online retailers from early June. The price is set at US $ 1,899. Meanwhile, workstation computers equipped with Radeon Pro VII will begin to be marketed in the second half of 2020 by AMD partner OEM manufactures.

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