Apple Explains the Right Way to Clean iPhone from Germs

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Currently the spread of the corona virus is an important concern, especially transmission can occur through everyday objects exposed to the virus, including cellphones that we hold. In anticipation of the spread of the virus, Apple recently updated the provisions on how to clean the iPhone on its site.

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Users are now “allowed” to clean their iPhones with cleansers containing 70 percent isopropyl alcohol or disinfectant wipes. “Take care not to let liquid enter the cracks of the device and do not flush your Apple device with cleaning fluid,” Apple wrote.

In fact, as compiled from PhoneArena, Tuesday (10/3/2020), before the corona virus was endemic, Apple had a different attitude about cleaning up its devices. The statement on Apple’s page previously said “cleaning products and abrasive materials can affect the coating layer and make the iPhone more susceptible to scratches”.

Of course, the first step that must be done before cleaning the iPhone is to unplug the cable and turn off the device. Apple detailed how best to clean each iPhone model, from the first generation iPhone series, iPhone 3G, iPhone 7, to the latest iPhone 11 and 11 Pro lineup.

Complete exact ways can be read on the Apple page at the following page. Singapore Ministry of Health Director of Medical Services, Kenneth Mak, said there was no evidence that the corona virus flew or was transmitted through the air, so wearing a mask was actually not effective at preventing transmission.

The best thing that can be done to prevent the spread of the corona virus, according to Mak, is by washing hands before touching the face, washing objects with soap or alcohol, and cleaning the objects that are touched most often, one of which is a cellphone.

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