Apple Founder Sues Google to Court, What’s Up?

Steve Wozniak

One of the founders of Apple, Steve Wozniak, filed a lawsuit against Google for fraud videos circulating on the YouTube platform. The fraudster used the name Steve Wozniak to launch the action. The mode, the actors make a video on behalf of a number of famous figures, including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, and Steve Wozniak.

Steve Wozniak

The fraudster asked his followers to transfer bitcoin to a specific account address. Victims were promised a return several times the nominal amount they transferred. To convince the victims, the perpetrators of this fraud use the names of famous figures.

Wozniak sent the suit along with 17 other people. This action has taken place for several months and Google has repeatedly ignored requests to remove the fraudulent video.

“If YouTube acts quickly to stop this, we will not be here now,” Wozniak said. He also criticized YouTube and Google for relying too heavily on algorithms and not having any effort or special software to deal with problems like this. Joe Cotchett, Steve Wozniak’s lawyer, compared this case with hacking that struck Twitter some time ago.

Cotchett, said that the steps taken by YouTube were not as fast as Twitter which directly investigated the bitcoin fraud case that occurred last week. As information , hackers broke into the Twitter account of a number of famous figures, such as Bill Gates and Barack Obama.

The hacker then uploads a fraudulent tweet. The mode is carried out similar. Fraudsters promise to return double the amount of bitcoin to followers who transfer bitcoin to the perpetrator’s account.

“Twitter quickly investigated the bitcoin fraud case on its platform that same day, while YouTube ignored it for months,” Cotchett said. Responding to these accusations, YouTube said that it was investigating a bitcoin fraud case that befell its platform.

“We are serious about responding to abuse cases on our platform and taking quick steps to detect users who violate policies such as fraud,” said a YouTube spokesman as quoted from CNet , Sunday (07/26/2020).

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