Apple Patented Long Distance Group Selfie Technology

apple company

Apple recently patented a technology that allows users to take photos together ( group selfies ) even though they are not close together. This was due to the patent documents released by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) last week.

apple company

The document was then spread in cyberspace. The technology company from Cupertino, the US itself has actually filed the patent towards the end of 2018, but the USPTO only granted it on June 2 last week.

Based on these patent documents, Apple device users (could be iPhone and iPad users ) can later invite other users to take pictures together in a frame. Users who are invited must actually approve the invitation by clicking the “Accept” or “Decline” button, as shown in the following patent image.

Apple patents related to selfie technology

Not mentioned in detail what methods are used by Apple to invite other users. IPhone maker vendors can allow users to add people based on phone numbers, e-mail, and so forth.

What is clear, the patent document explains that users can enter images or videos stored on their cellphones to be displayed in the shooting window, as an alternative to the original image ( live ) taken from the front camera.

After the photo is taken, the user is said to be getting two selfies, the self version and the group version that has been designed in such a way by the software. Each participating user reportedly can edit the captured photos, including changing or swapping their positions with other users, as summarized from Gizmodo.

However, it is not stated whether the technology is a new feature that will be embedded in a camera application or it is actually a technology in a newer application. Given that it is still in the form of a patent, it is uncertain whether the company led by Tim Cook will realize the technology or not. We look forward to it.

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