Apple Releases MacBook Air 2020 with New Keyboard, The Price?

Apple MacBook Air 2020

Apple has just released a new MacBook Air laptop line that brings a number of increased specifications compared to the previous generation. MacBook Air 2020 output is sold at prices starting at 999 US dollars or discounts for students to 899 US dollars.

Apple MacBook Air 2020

The good news, MacBook Air 2020 now uses a scissor-switch keyboard mechanism that is said to be more comfortable to use and is more reliable than the fly-switch on the previous MacBook Air models.

Many MacBook Air users from 2018 and 2019 have complained about the butterfly-switch mechanism because it is often problematic, especially if exposed to dust and small impurities. They often encounter a stuck keyboard or even double typing.

For the design, it seems not much different from its predecessor. The shell is made of aluminum with three color choices namely silver, gray space, and gold. Its weight is slightly heavier than the MacBook Air 2019. MacBook Air 2020 weighs 1.29 kg while the AmcBook Air 2019 weighs 1.25 kg.

The 13.3-inch MacBook Air screen has a Retina LED- backlit panel with a resolution of 2560 x 1600 pixels. This screen is equipped with True Tone technology to provide better ambience and lighting. He also supports an external screen up to 6K, which Apple claims is just the first time present in the MacBook line, as summarized from Tom’s Guide , Thursday (3/19/2020).

Apple MacBook Air 2020 with a scissor

Apple embed T2 chips to improve data and information security and Touch ID which can also be used to pay via Apple Pay. Like the MacBook Air 2019, this new model has two Thunderbolt 3 ports. This new generation is powered by a 10th generation Intel processor with four core CPUs and an Iris Plus Graphic GPU.

The most “cheap” model is powered by a Core i3 processor. Models with Core i5 processors are more expensive at US $ 100, and Core i7 more expensive at US $ 250. For storage capacity, MacBook Air 2020 has 8 GB of RAM which can be upgraded to 16 GB with an additional cost of 200 US dollars.

Storage media using a 256 GB SSD can be upgraded to 512 GB at an additional cost of 200 US dollars and 1 terabyte at an extra cost of 400 US dollars. Apple claims the MacBook Air battery can last up to 11 hours to surf or 12 hours to play videos.

MacBook Air 2020 can be ordered online starting on March 18, 2020 and will only be available at Apple outlets next week, specifically for some Apple Stores that are still open. For your information, Apple closed most of the Apple Store worldwide to prevent transmission of the corona virus.

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