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Apple reportedly just registered a new domain name secretly. Domain with the address was officially managed by Apple on Friday (10/4/2020). The news was obtained from the WHOIS Record, which shows that the domain includes the name Apple Inc. as a registrant organization.

apple Register Domain

That is, Apple is the party that legally owns the domain and has the right to manage the domain in full. Based on WHOIS Record records, the domain is valid for one year until April 10, 2021. address is registered by Apple through CSC Corporate Domains, a company that protects domain names for large companies like Apple. The domain was registered by Apple shortly after the tech giant announced its partnership with Google in an effort to deal with the spread of Covid-19.

Summarized KompasTekno from MacRumors, Tuesday (4/14/2020), however, it is uncertain what Apple’s goal is to “secure” the domain. Not long ago, Apple and Google agreed to work together to work on technology that could be used to track the spread of Covid-19 to reduce the ever-expanding numbers.

Apple and Google cooperation was announced by the CEO of the two companies, Tim Cook and Sundar Pichai through their respective Twitter accounts on Saturday (11/4/2020).

For information, the Covid-19 tracking system designed by the two tech giants will utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connections on cellphones.

Tracking is done by scanning Bluetooth signals from cellphones that are located close together for several minutes. The tracking data will then be saved for further search. Furthermore, the system will provide a notification to the cellphone if the user is close to a positive person Covid-19.

Users will also be given instructions on what steps to take if they are ever close to a positive patient Covid-19. Users who tested positive for Covid-19 were also advised to update their status on the application, so the system could provide notifications to other users who had been close to it.

The data collected by the API can be utilized by health agency applications in each country. This API is planned to be released in mid-May 2020.

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