ARM Returns Chip Technology to Huawei

Huawei Booth at MWC 2019

Some time ago, the ARM chip technology license design for Huawei was stopped because of the China-US trade war that led to Huawei’s entry into the entity list blacklist. The fate of the Kirin chip made by Huawei was questioned because the mobile SoC used the Cortex CPU design and GPU Mali from the UK-based ARM.

Huawei Booth at MWC 2019

Later, the legal advisory team at ARM decided that the company could continue to license chip technology to Huawei. Precisely, the technology in question is the architecture of ARM v8 and v9 chips .

They consider that ARM v8 and v9 are “products originating from the UK”. Therefore, the architectural technology is not bound by the obligation to break business relations with Huawei, as is the case for US companies. “ARM can continue to provide support for HiSilicon (a subsidiary of Huawei that makes chips ) for the ARM v8-A architecture and the next generation of architecture,” said an ARM spokesman, compiled from The Verge, Monday (10/28/2019).

The ARM decision is certainly good news for Huawei, which uses ARM CPU and GPU architecture technology in HiSilicon’s Kirin system-on-chip. Without an ARM technology license, Huawei cannot create a new SoC.

ARM had cut off business relations with Huawei last May in response to US President Donald Trump’s policy in the US-China trade war. The reason, the ARM chip design technology is suspected to contain parts that “come from the US”. Although based in the UK and owned by the SoftBank group from Japan, ARM also has offices in several states in the US.

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