As Many As 1.6 Billion People Routine Open Facebook Every Day

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The longer there are more and more people who use Facebook. In its performance report for the fourth-quarter of 2019, the social media world was mentioned already owns 1.6 billion users daily active ( daily active users, DAU). That is, as many as 1.6 billion people around the world routinely open Facebook every day. The largest proportion, as many as 641 million, comes from the Asia Pacific region.

Facebook daily users

Then, the number of active users daily Facebook in the second largest number came from Europe, amounting to 294 million, followed by the United States and Canada of 190 million. The remaining 532 million come from other parts of the world.

Meanwhile, Facebook’s monthly total active users ( MAU) totaled 2.5 billion users in the fourth quarter of 2019. The largest number again comes from the Asia Pacific region which reaches 1 billion active monthly users, as compiled from Social Media Today, Thursday (1/30/2020).

active monthly users of Facebook

Meanwhile, the European region only recorded 394 million active monthly users and the US and Canada reached 248 million users. However, in its report Facebook does not specify the division of the number of users who come from other regions of the world outside Asia Pacific, Europe, and the US and Canada.

Facebook confirms that the number of users is purely the number of users of the Facebook application and does not include the number of subsidiary users such as Instagram or WhatsApp. The full Facebook performance report can be seen at the following link.

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