Asus Offers Three Gaming Accessories to Play Games at Home

Asus TUF Gaming K5

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, playing games is one of the activities that can be done to eliminate fatigue during silence at home. To make it even more fun, gamers, especially those using PCs can take advantage of supporting accessories such as mice, keyboards and gaming headsets specifically designed to maximize the gaming experience.

Asus has a peripheral offer from the TUF Gaming line for this category. There are three types offered at relatively affordable prices for casual or novice gamers, namely K5, M5, and H5.

TUF Gaming K5

Asus TUF Gaming K5

TUF Gaming K5 is a membrane type keyboard that is claimed to have high durability and can withstand up to 60 ml of water spills. Like a gaming keyboard in general, the K5 is also equipped with a RGB Aura Sync lamp whose light intensity and color can be adjusted via a computer. There is also an anti-ghosting switch that allows the device to receive input from 24 keyboard keys simultaneously.

TUF Gaming M5

TUF Gaming M5

Then there is the mouse device called TUF Gaming M5 which also promotes durability. This mouse is equipped with Omron Switch components which are claimed to be able to function up to 50 million clicks.

TUF Gaming M5 is also equipped with Pixart’s PAW3327 optical sensor which has a resolution of 6,200 DPI, and the RGB Aura Sync lamp whose color can be changed at will through the computer.

In addition, all mouse buttons can be programmed with functions or macros using Armory II software which stores settings for up to three profiles directly on the mouse’s internal memory. TUF Gaming M5 can be obtained by bundling the TUF Gaming P3 mousepad.

TUF Gaming H5

TUF Gaming H5

TUF Gaming H5 itself is a gaming headset with a sturdy frame with stainless steel material. Despite having a metal frame , this headset is claimed to remain lightweight and comfortable to use.

H5 is equipped with a 50 mm Essence driver which is placed in an airtight chamber so that the resulting sound quality is more optimal. This headset can be connected to various devices through a 3.5 mm connector. Users can also connect it with a USB adapter to experience surround sound .

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