Avoid Hoaks, YouTube Makes Corona Video Special Page

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In an effort to combat the hoax news surrounding Covid-19 circulating in cyberspace, YouTube released a special page. The page, contains a series of videos about corona from reliable sources. According to YouTube, the page will contain videos from official news channels and local health organizations.

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The page will be placed at the front when the user first opens YouTube. This special page was released this week in 16 countries, including the United States, Britain, Brazil, India, Germany, France, Italy, and Japan. YouTube will expand its presence to a number of regions next week. Read also: US USE LOCATION DATA FROM SMARTPHONES TO MONITOR CORONA DISTRIBUTION

“We want everyone to have access to content that comes from local authorities. So we launched the Covid-19 news series on our homepage in 16 countries. We will also expand to more countries,” YouTube wrote through its Twitter account.

In addition to YouTube, a number of technology companies are currently also aggressively combating hoax news around Corona. Previously, Facebook, Google, and Twitter were also compact to combat hoax information related to the corona virus (Covid-19) which was rife circulating on the internet.

The managers of technology companies exchange information with each other, and also the world health agency so that users can get accurate information about the corona virus and Covid-19. Since the end of 2019, YouTube has reported that many hoax videos have circulated on its platform and it continues to this day.

Summarized from Tech Crunch , Sunday (3/22/2020) US technology and social media companies also agreed to prioritize content originating from official authorities on their respective platforms. They agreed to distribute updates through coordination with health agencies from governments around the world.

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