Bill Gates, “Precise” Divination of Virus Plague, and Anti-Corona Vaccine

Bill Gates

Before Covid-19 became a pandemic, circulating Bill Gates video clips during a presentation at the 2015 Ted Talks. In the video footage, Microsoft’s founder said there would be a virus that would become a pandemic and trouble the world’s population. The full video can be watched through this link .

Bill Gates

The virus, called Bill Gates, would be more dangerous than missiles and could kill tens of millions of people. Five years later, that prediction came true. Now, the whole world is faced with a Covid-19 pandemic that is not yet known when it will end. Apparently, Gates’s predictions backfired for him.

At that time the intention of caution, Gates now even dragged allegations of conspiracy . That accusation can be seen in one of Gates’s posts two weeks ago on his Instagram account. The upload contained Gates’s thanks to all medical personnel who struggled to overcome the corona virus.

However, the comments thrown at the upload were actually negative. Not a few citizens who point out that Gates is responsible for the Covid-19 pandemic because the forecast is true. There is also a mention that Gates created the virus.

They embellish the theory by linking Gates’ efforts to create a corona virus vaccine. Latest allegations, Bill Gates is said to be implanting a microchip in the corona vaccine that will be used to monitor the vaccine recipient.

Gates did fund the Covid-19 vaccine development project through his foundation with his wife, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations. The latest news says that the vaccine has been tested on humans.

Gates’s response In an interview with one of the CCTV media from China, Gates responded to accusations against him about the corona conspiracy. He regretted, in a situation as urgent as this, it is very ironic to blame someone who actually gave a warning in advance. “We are in a ‘crazy’ situation so crazy rumors arise,” he said.

He claimed to have poured billions of dollars to help overcome the pandemic. Gates also stressed the importance of developing vaccines. Not only focus on one country, but for the whole world. “Including countries that do not have the resources to fund vaccine research or vaccine manufacturing plants,” Gates continued.

Although many commented poorly, Gates continued to believe that the general public responded positively to his efforts to help overcome the pandemic. The most important mission at this time, according to Gates, is to create a Covid-19 vaccine that is safe, effective, and immediately can be used massively.

“We found innovators to make vaccines, we got their commitment not to draw special benefits from (the vaccine),” he added. He promised to make vaccines that were as cheap as possible and could be used by all citizens of the world.

Summarized from CGTN , Wednesday (04/22/2020), Gates will select eight of the 10 potential vaccines over the world and assist in the development of such vaccines. Unlike the views of President Trump, Gates would appreciate China in handling the Covid-19 outbreak.

China, which was the first country to spread the corona virus, immediately carried out a regional quarantine to stem the spread of the virus.

This model is then adopted by most countries in the world today. China, along with South Korea, is evidence that limiting physical contact can reduce the spread of the corona virus.

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