Blacked out for 3 days, this woman was saved by an Android cellphone battery

Beth McDermott

A woman in Lancaster, England claimed to be able to get help after being unconscious for three days and was paralyzed, thanks to an Android phone she had just bought. The cellphone remained alive as long as he passed out, and could be used to call to find help.

Beth McDermott

The woman named Beth McDermott was reported by The Sun, slipped and fell on the steps of her house until she fainted. 42-year-old woman who lived alone was unconscious for three days, and could not move his feet when he regained consciousness.

When Beth woke up, she could not move her legs, because she was suffering from rhabdomyolysis, a syndrome caused by damage and death of skeletal muscle tissue. This syndrome occurs due to damage to muscle fibers and the release of the contents of these fibers into the bloodstream, causing Beth’s muscles to break down quickly.

Luckily Beth’s Android phone is nearby, and still has 50 percent power. Even though the cell phone was never charged or charged for three days, Beth fainted. Beth called the emergency number (999) and an ambulance came, to take her to the hospital. “I can’t survive, I wouldn’t have survived if it wasn’t for the cellphone,” Beth said.

“At first I thought the cell phone could not be used, but apparently it still has a 50 percent battery, unexpectedly can last long,” Beth McDermott said summarized on Monday (03/09/2020). Beth admitted that she just changed her cellphone from iPhone to Android, because her iPhone battery was damaged, and needed to be recharged four times a day.

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