Celebrate its 10th Anniversary, Instagram Releases a Hidden Feature to Change Icons

hidden icon option

Today, Tuesday (6/10/2020), Instagram turns 10 years old. This social media that is under the auspices of Facebook celebrates in a unique way. Instagram releases a number of new features. One of them is a hidden feature where users can change the Instagram application icon on the homescreen.

hidden icon option

There are 13 icon variants to choose from, including Twilight, Aurora, Gold, Sunrise, to old Instagram icons . Users can choose the classic Instagram logo, which was carried out for the first time by this social media platform in 2010.

To be able to find this hidden feature, users must update the Instagram application to the latest version. This feature is available for both iOS and Android users.

If so, users can go to the profile page and select the Settings menu. Furthermore, users can scroll down the Settings page, until a row of emojis appears. After that, users can choose to change the Instagram icon according to the available icon choices. However, this secret feature does not appear to be accessible to all users.

However, users who have not been able to access this hidden feature need not be discouraged. The reason is, Instagram seems to be rolling out this feature gradually. As compiled from The Verge, this hidden feature is alleged to be accessible during October 2020.

This feature can also be tested in Indonesia, however, it is not evenly available. We also tried this feature on the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, Galaxy A50s and Nokia 5 phones, however, to no avail. When trying to scroll the Settings page, we could not find the icons in question.

Apart from hidden features, there are also other features that have been introduced, such as the Private Map and the Stories Map feature. For information, Instagram was first founded by Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger on October 6, 2010. Instagram was then annexed by Facebook in April 2012 with a value of 1 billion US dollars.

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