China Makes Corona Virus Application, Can Detect Anyone Who Has Adjacent

women accessing cellphone

The Chinese government is trying to tackle the corona virus outbreak by launching the “close contact detector” application. It is known that this application was jointly developed by the Chinese government with China Electronics Technology Group Corp. (CETC).

women accessing cellphone

To provide accurate information, CETC relies on data from a number of government agencies such as the National Health Commission, the Ministry of Transportation, the China Railway Commission and the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration.

This application is claimed to be able to indicate a person’s health status when users exchange data with that individual. In other words, the user can know the condition of a person whether they have corona virus or not.

According to the Xinhua news agency, this application was released since Saturday (02/15/2020). To use it, users only need to scan ( scan ) QR Code on WeChat app, Alipay, or QQ. Afterwards the user can do the registration stage by entering their personal data such as their full name, cellphone number, and identity number on the application.

The application will then notify anyone who is close to them, including those who have been shown to be affected by the corona virus. The application is claimed to be able to identify up to three identities at once that are close together.

Although the Chinese government is known to implement a high level of supervision on the privacy of its citizens’ data, this application has received a positive response.

A lawyer at a technology company in Hong Kong, Piper Carolyn Bigg expressed her opinion. “This is one example of data utilization well,” Piper explained as summarized from BBC News, Monday (02/17/2020).

The Chinese government claims this application is very well targeted at its citizens who carry out joint activities such as working in the same room, family members who have experienced direct contact with sufferers, and on public transportation users.

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