Chinese startups make Covid-19 symptoms detection glasses

T1 form glasses

Various efforts ranging from social aspects, medical, to technology have been deployed in order to eradicate the spread of the corona virus. One of them is the use of thermal scanners. Thermal scanners or body temperature detectors are often used to find out whether the person concerned has a fever or not.

T1 form glasses

Therefore, fever is stated as one of the symptoms experienced by people with COVID-19 . Now the thermal scanner technology can be mounted on glasses. Rokid, a startup company based on AI (artificial intelligence) from China succeeded in creating glasses that can detect human body temperature. These glasses are named T1.

Rokid US Director, Liang Guan, said that the T1 is powered by Qualcomm chipsets and a 12 megapixel resolution camera. These glasses are claimed to be able to detect temperatures of up to 200 people in two minutes, within a radius of three meters.

This device also has an AR ( augmented reality ) feature to support hands-free operation, using voice commands, to record video and take photos simultaneously. In addition, T1 thermal glasses also feature facial recognition and data management. T1 users can connect these glasses with other devices using USB.

Rokid claims to have successfully developed T1 in less than two months, and the device has been widely used by companies. However, any company that has used it cannot be disclosed for legal reasons.

Nevertheless, a commercial company called Weee !, is reported to have used these high-tech glasses. Founder of Weee!, Larry Liu said that he had used T1 to monitor the temperature of warehouse employees throughout the day.

Whereas in China itself, T1 has been widely used by national park staff, schools, and by national authorities to detect symptoms of Covid-19. Liang Guan also said that these eyeglasses were planned to be sold to several B2B ( business to business ) companies in the United States.

Even so, T1 is considered to be able to reap criticism from US regulators. Because, the superpower is putting high vigilance on Chinese companies that collect information on their citizens’ data. Nevertheless, Liang Guan claimed not to collect information from the T1 device directly.

“Regarding this module, we do not take any data to the cloud computing network. Privacy is very important for customers, so we only store data locally,” said Liang Guan.

T1 is considered capable of facilitating the temperature scanning process that occurs in hospitals and legal entities operating in the United States. “We think that glasses like this (T1) can help people who still have to work in the field,” said Liang Guan as summarized from Tech Crunch, Tuesday (4/28/2020).

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