Chrome browser will block ads that use a lot of battery

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Google recently announced that it will block advertisements that appear in the Chrome browser. The blocking applies to ads that consume battery power and the user’s internet quota.

google chrome illustration

According to Marshall Vale, Product Manager for the Chrome team, the ad uses disproportionately device resources. The ad also drains the battery and data quota without the user’s knowledge.

“These advertisements (such as to mine cryptocurrrency , are poorly programmed, or not optimized for network use) can deplete battery life and require costs,” Vale said.

Google said it would take measurements of all ads that run on Chrome. Google sets an advertising data threshold of 4MB, or a duration of 15 seconds in CPU usage over a 30-second period, or 60 seconds of total CPU usage before the ad is blocked from the browser .

“When the ad reaches its limit, the ad frame will display an error message , informing the user that the ad has used too many resources,” Google wrote in its official blog. Google said that heavy advertising uses more CPU or internet network bandwidth by 99.9 percent of all ads detected.

Quoted from 9to5 Google, Tuesday (05/19/2020), although there were only 0.3 percent of ads that exceeded the threshold, but those ads suck up 27 percent of data and 28 percent of all CPU usage.

Google revealed that an update to block the ad will be released in August this year. Google will still test the feature before launching a stable version in August.

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