Corona Infected Employees, Samsung Temporarily Closes the Galaxy Z Flip Factory

Galaxy Z Flip

The spread of the corona virus outbreak ( Covid-19 ) also influenced the world technology industry. Some companies even temporarily closed their factories to avoid the plague. Samsung too. This South Korean technology company reportedly temporarily closed its smartphone factory.

Galaxy Z Flip

Not an ordinary smartphone factory, but a manufacturer of folding screens Galaxy Fold and Galaxy Z Flip. The factory is located in the Gumi region, which is 200 km from Seoul City. The closure of the plant was due to employees who were positively infected by the corona virus. A number of employees will be quarantined because they interacted with the corona-infected employee.

The factory closure is only temporary, precisely until Monday, February 24, 2020. Samsung will also limit access to the floor where the employee works until February 25, 2020. Summarized from Sammobile, Monday (2/24/2020), infected employees come from divisions that also produce smartphone devices.

The company has also taken preventative measures and sterilized these locations. Samsung has also advised its employees to wear masks as a preventative measure. Employees are also advised not to travel and just use video conferencing if there are business matters.

Responding to this news, Samsung also confirmed this. Through an official statement, Samsung confirmed that the health and safety of employees is a top priority. “On February 22, an employee working at the Samsung Electronics Gumi complex was tested positive for corona virus ( COVID-19 ).

Our company took the necessary measures to disinfect and restrict access as soon as possible,” Samsung said. Samsung itself does have factories in a number of regions outside South Korea. However, most high-end cellphones, especially folding screen phones, are still made in South Korea.

Before Samsung, Apple also had time to close several factories in China since some time ago. Besides affecting the factory, the corona virus outbreak also disrupted Apple’s retail marketing in China. Many Apple stores and partners in the Bamboo Curtain country were forced to close.

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