Corona Virus Outbreak, Google Factory Moved to Vietnam

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

The outbreak of the Covid-19 corona virus in China has also affected the gadget and computer industries, which rely heavily on manufacturing partners in the Bamboo Curtain country. This was allegedly made Google move its production facilities made outside of China.

Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL

Google is expected to start producing its new inexpensive cellphone, Pixel 4a, in Vietnam in April, as well as Pixel 5, whose production is said to be starting in mid-2020. In addition to Google, Microsoft is also rumored to soon be running a manufacturing line of Surface devices, including laptops and desktops, in Vietnam in the second quarter of this year.

Vietnam is not the only country in Southeast Asia to be glimpsed by technology companies. Google is said to have asked partners in Thailand to prepare the production of smart home devices , such as Nest Mini smart speakers.

Most Google smartphones and Microsoft computers are actually still made in China today. But many technology companies have long intended to reduce dependence on manufacturing partners in China. The reason is the tension of trade war between China and the US.

Corona virus outbreaks that impact on factory performance makes the desire to get out of China increasingly. As compiled from the Nikkei Asian Review, Sunday (1/3/2020), the production of Google and Microsoft devices is very small compared to Apple so that they can more freely move manufacturing facilities.

In comparison, market research firm IDC noted that Apple sells nearly 200 million smartphone units each year. Meanwhile, Google only recorded the number of shipments of 7 million mobile phones in 2019.

Google first moved outside China last year by turning a Nokia mobile phone factory in Vietnam into a production facility for its Pixel series.

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