Corona Virus Outbreak, What’s the TP-Link Router Business?

Archer TP11000 TP-Link Router

It’s no secret that the corona virus outbreak has a significant impact on the technology industry. Factories closed, exhibits canceled, product shipments dropped. However, the router manufacturer from China, TP-Link , ensures that their business is not affected by Covid-19, both in China and in Indonesia.

Archer TP11000 TP-Link Router

This was said by Tony, as B2B Sales Manager of TP-Link Indonesia, when met on the sidelines of the “Welcome WiFi 6” event held in Jakarta, Tuesday (10/3/2020). “At present many manufacturers are constrained by the corona virus, but we have proven that during the first quarter (2020) product shipments have no problems,” Tony explained.

“Factory operations are still normal and (sales performance) at our dealers are also still normal,” he added. TP-Link products marketed in Indonesia are assembled and manufactured in China, precisely in a factory located in the industrial city of Shenzhen, Guangdong.

These devices were then imported into the country and sold by TP-Link Indonesia through several dealer partners whose numbers were not mentioned by Tony. Despite being called unaffected by the corona outbreak, Tony himself claimed that the Covid-19 outbreak was indeed a challenge for the TP-Link business.

“In 2020 the challenge is a bit more severe, but we are still optimistic. At least ( the 2020 sales target ) is the same as last year,” explained Tony.

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