Corona Virus Tracking Tools Spread to Android and iOS Developers

corona virus illustrations

Two technology giant companies, Google and Apple have said they will provide updates on Android and iOS phones, so they can be used to track the spread of the Covid-19 outbreak due to the Corona virus.

corona virus illustrations

Now, tools to track the spread of the virus have reportedly been distributed to various world health institutions, so that these institutions can develop the Covid-19 tracking application, both on the Android and iOS platforms.

These tools consist of updates to the Android and iOS operating systems, as well as a software development kit (SDK) for creating applications. Apple has released a beta version of the OS that includes the technology in iOS 13.5 and Google has distributed updates through the Play Store.

In addition, summarized from Bloomberg , Sunday (05/02/2020), Apple has also released the latest SDK, Xcode 11.5 on Wednesday last week, while Google has provided its SDK update to a number of application developers.

Google said that the update to plant the Covid-19 tracking tool is based on a Bluetooth connection and will be distributed in two stages.

First, the launch of the Application Programming Interface ( API ) which allows a person to conduct rapid tests, through applications that are monitored directly by health institutions to provide diagnostic results from these tests.

The system will also use Bluetooth technology to notify people who have been close to Covid-19 patients who have tested positive.

The second stage is the widespread deployment of Application Programming Interface (API), through the Android and iOS operating systems for all mobile users. It is targeted that this stage will run in mid-May. Android and iOS phones (iPhone) will get these tracking tool updates through their respective application stores.

Users will also be offered (opt-in) whether they want to activate the feature or not. Later this update will be available for phones running the Android 6 operating system and above, which currently have around 6 billion units worldwide, as well as all iPhone devices running iOS 13 and above.

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