Crowded on Instagram, What Is “Until Tomorrow Challenge”?

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Instagram is being enlivened by the presence of a new hashtag named #untiltomorrow. This hashtag is a form of challenge called Until Tomorrow Challenge. To follow the Until Tomorrow Challenge, you just like the other user’s posts that include the Until Tomorrow caption.

instagram illustration

Then, the other user will send a message via Direct Message (DM). The message will instruct you to upload photos in a funny or embarrassing style.

The message that will be received roughly reads, “So, you have liked my post , then you are also required to upload embarrassing photos by only including the caption ‘until tomorrow’. You are also required to tag me in that post “.

As compiled from the New York Post , Sunday (3/29/2020), when accepting this challenge, there are special rules where you are not allowed to delete the uploaded photos for the next 24 hours ( until tomorrow ).

According to  observation , there are currently more than 1.2 million posts with the hashtag #untiltomorrow scattered on Instagram.

Until Tomorrow Challenge was apparently present to address the boredom of Instagram users while staying at home due to the Covid-19 outbreak. Although it is crowded on Instagram, it seems that Twitter users do not participate in the new challenge . Most of them even claimed to have been bored with this “strange challenge”.

In fact, not a few of them responded to Until Tomorrow Challenge with funny memes .Apart from the till tomorrow challenge , there is also a push up challenge that comes with the hashtag #see10do10.

The way to follow is also simple. Simply record your activities doing push ups for 10 times, then tag your friends to challenge them to do the same challenge.

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