Different from MediaTek, Qualcomm Claims Not to Outsmart the “Benchmark”

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Some time ago, MediaTek allegedly cheated the benchmark score of a number of cellphones powered by homemade chips through a file system in the device’s firmware.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 865

Anandtech technology site found that in the file there is a series of codes that can outsmart the benchmark, by triggering the performance of mobile phones to make scores higher than normal conditions.

This practice is called whitelisting, where a number of applications such as benchmarks are intentionally allowed by the system to trigger mobile performance. As a result, the device’s performance seems high in testing, but it is not reflected in daily use.

MediaTek also responded to the accusation by issuing a statement that “whitelisting ” – or termed “sports mode” on MediaTek-based cellphones – is a common practice by many other players in the chip industry.

“Many brands design their devices to run as fast as possible when the benchmark test is running to show the full performance of a chipset, ” reads a snippet from MediaTek.

“If only they (Anandtech) view other devices, they would see, like us, that our key competitors also have chips that operate in the exact same way – which Anandtech considers cheating,” accused MediaTek.

No nonsense

MediaTek itself did not clearly state who exactly the “key competitors” in the industry who according to them also participated in similar whitelisting. Despite this, Qualcomm later felt the need to issue a statement of refutation of the “accusation”.

Manufacturers chip Snapdragon it was confirmed that it was doing a trick benchmark to boost scores. ” Whitelisting refers to the technique of listing a number of applications to improve the performance of mobile phones,” Qualcomm said as quoted from Android Authority, Thursday (4/16/2020).

“This whitelisting practice is generally considered an act of fraud in the industry because it deviates from the benchmark goal to reflect daily performance. Qualcomm does not practice whitelist ,” the company said.

Whitelisting only improves device performance when running applications such as benchmarks. Meanwhile, similar performance improvements do not occur in other applications outside the whitelist.

Earlier, the Anandtech website , which found fraud by testing several MediaTek chip -based devices , said that the manufacturer included several popular benchmark applications in the whitelist.

These applications include Androbench, PC Mark, Antutu, and Geekbench. when several MediaTek phones that AnandTech tests detect the whitelist application is running, the system will be boosted so that it exceeds the normal limits for daily use.

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