Display Google Play Store Can Now Be Made Dark, Here’s How

google play screenshot

” Dark Mode ” in the Google Play Store app store is now officially released for all Android devices. This feature was previously only available for devices based on Android 10. But now Google is expanding it to all versions of Android that still have support. As the name suggests, “Dark Mode” presents the display of white text on a black background, while “Light Mode” displays black text on a white background.

google play dark mode

The visual display of “Dark Mode” has now become a new trend in mobile applications. Not only makes vision more comfortable, the “Dark Mode” mode is also considered to be able to save battery power on the device. Through the official Twitter account @GooglePlay, Google confirms that the Dark Mode feature can be enjoyed by all Android users, including in Indonesia.

To prove it, we also tried to change the appearance of the Google Play Store from light mode to dark mode. Here’s how to activate dark mode on the Google Play Store app:

1. Open the Google Play Store app, then click the three dash icon at the top left.

google play screenshot

2. Select the “settings” option

google play screenshot

3. Then in the “Theme” section, activate the “Dark” mode

google play screenshot

Dark mode in the Google Play Store application has long been awaited by users other than Android 10, as compiled from Slash Gear, Friday (3/13/2020).

The “Dark Mode” feature itself is not new to Google, the article a number of other applications made by Google also already have this feature. Some of these applications include Google Calculator, Google Calendar, Google Clock, Google Contacts, Google Keep, Google Discover, Google Message, Google Maps, Google News, Google Phone, Google Play Games, Snapseed, and YouTube.

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