Don’t Put the WiFi Router Near the Microwave, Here’s the Reason

playing a gadget near a microwave

Microwave ovens are electronic devices commonly used for cooking and heating food. Because it is relatively concise and practical, this tool is not only placed in the kitchen, but can be in other rooms in the house. However, did you know that the electronic device can interfere with signals from a WiFi router at home?

playing a gadget near a microwave

That certainly can be troublesome, especially when having to work from home to reduce the risk of Covid-19 transmission as it is now. Both microwave ovens and WiFi routers do emit electromagnetic radiation.

The difference is, the microwave uses radiation to heat the objects inside, while the router uses it to transmit data on the internet connection to and from other devices wirelessly.

You are both 2.4 GHz

Although their functions are different, microwaves and some types of WiFi routers emit electromagnetic waves at a frequency of 2.4 GHz. If the distance is too close together, then the microwave can interfere with data transmission from the router.

microwave disrupting router transmission

There is an explanation that can be searched on the internet about this. One of them is a video uploaded by the Sunny Classroom channel on YouTube. Microwave ovens with good quality actually can keep electromagnetic waves from disturbing the surrounding devices.

But in reality, the radiation can leak, then disturb the signal that is running on the same frequency, including the WiFi signal earlier. As a result, internet connection can be interrupted or become slow.

Other things in everyday life, ranging from wireless phones and baby monitors, can also affect the performance of WiFi routers through electromagnetic interference.

Keep the microwave away from the router

Now, to minimize interference on the WiFi network , the British regulator, Ofcon, advises users to keep the router away from microwaves and other electronic devices that emit similar radiation.

As compiled from Phone Arena, Monday (3/30/2020), it is also recommended to turn off the microwave when doing video conferencing, watching HD video streaming , uploading important files , or other things that require a stable internet connection.

Of course, there are some other things that can affect the performance of a WiFi router , such as the wall that separates the room and water. Therefore, as much as possible put the router in a high place – not on the floor – that is open and not next to the aquarium.

Still slow? Lest there are too many devices connected to the router. Devices such as smartphones or tablets often quietly suck up bandwidth, for example when being updated automatically.

For maximum performance, it is a good idea to limit the number of devices connected to the WiFi router. Or, even if there are many, try not all to access the internet simultaneously.

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