Easy Ways to Check Laptop Battery Conditions

Check Laptop Battery Conditions

Like other electronic devices that use batteries, laptops cannot be separated from the issue of low battery or the battery runs out.

Check Laptop Battery Conditions

Certainly, this will be very frustrating when experienced. Moreover, PC batteries run out while working, roaming, internet, or playing games.

It is known, each battery has a lifetime that from time to time will decrease and eventually stop functioning more efficiently than before.

If you initially have a laptop battery that can last up to 6-8 hours, and now only can last 3 hours before a low battery, then you are not alone.

What causes laptop battery power to drop dramatically? The following is how to check it.

Battery Cycle

Before you begin, it’s good to know a little about what the battery cycle is. Basically, the battery cycle is the number of times you charge a laptop battery when buying it.

Each full battery charge (from 0 percent to 100 percent) is counted as one full cycle.

The higher the number of battery cycles you have, the ‘older’ your battery will be and the faster it will reach the limit before finally functioning normally.

Check Battery on a Windows Laptop

For Windows laptop users, you can check battery health with a few steps.

Although not easy, the report that is displayed is quite detailed, including the history of usage to how many cycles of the laptop battery.

1. Click the Start button and type the ” cmd ” command and press the Ctrl + Shift + Enter keys simultaneously to run the program in administrator mode.

2. Type the sentence powercfg / battery report and press Enter. Wait until the process is complete.

3. After that, open the Users \ Your Username folder or in C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 on the File Explorer page and look for battery-report.html . Double click on the file to open it.

4. Scroll down to the Battery Information section to see Design Capacity, Full Charge Capacity, and Cycle Count data.

5. Keep going down to find Battery Life Estimates to find out how long your laptop can last on a single charge, with the current battery condition.

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