Facebook Avatars Can be Sent to WhatsApp, Here’s How

add Fb avatar to whatsapp

Expressing yourself using emoticons, GIf, and stickers has become common on social media. But recently, Facebook launched the Avatar feature which apparently can also be shared via the Whtasapp application.

How do I share this avatar created on Facebook to the WhatsApp conversation application ? Check out the following method. Before sending your Facebook avatar to WhatsApp, of course, you need to first create the avatar.

Then the Facebook avatar can be sent to WhatsApp, with the following steps: First, open the Facebook application on the cellphone, then open the avatar collection on Facebook via the menu (three stacked lines) in the lower right corner for the iPhone, or in the upper right corner for Android, then select the Avatar option.

make facebook avatar

Second, tap on the sticker menu in the upper right corner and load all the default stickers based on the avatar you have created. Third , tap the avatar sticker that you want to send on WhatsApp, after that, select the Share menu, and tap the share to WhatsApp option.

add Fb avatar to whatsapp

add Facebook avatar to whatsapp

Finally, select the chat column on WhatsApp where you want to share your avatar, either in a private conversation or in a group. Later, WhatsApp will share the avatar with the default as an image.

enter Facebook avatar into Whatsapp

You can use your avatar multiple times. But the hassle you have to open the Avatar menu on the Facebook application every time you want to send it to WhatsApp.

To make it simpler, you can also save the avatar image in the cellphone gallery. So that every time you want to send an avatar, you just have to open the photo gallery on your cellphone and attach a photo. You also have the option of sending your Facebook avatar to Messenger or Snapchat, in the same way.

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