Facebook Can Transfer Photos and Videos to Google Photos

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After being released to a number of regions in early May, Facebook has now officially launched a tool to transfer photos and videos to Google Photo. This tool is available globally for users.

Facebook User illustration

Tools is easier for users to copy photos or videos from Facebook to Google Photo without needing to download and upload it back to the platform such. To use this tool, users can find it in the ” Transfer a copy of your photos and videos” option located at the bottom of the “Your Facebook Information” settings menu.

When we tried to access it, the tool was already available on the web version of Facebook in the “Your Facebook Information” menu in the Settings section.

Once selected, an option will appear to transfer copies of data in the form of photos or videos. Then the Google Photo icon will appear, meaning users can automatically connect to the Google Photo service. When clicking on the icon, the user can directly select the data that you want to transfer whether photos or videos.

This Facebook tool is part of the open-source e Data Transfer Project project initiated by Microsoft, Facebook, Google and Twitter in 2018. The aim is to make it easier for users to move data between online services.

“In the future everyone can transfer their photos and videos to other platforms that collaborate on the Data Transfer Project,” Facebook wrote as compiled from The Verge, Tuesday (06/09/2020).

Meanwhile, according to Google in the blog he wrote, the ease of moving data between platforms or what is referred to as data portability will encourage innovation in the internet industry.

“People have more control over their information, and at the same time encourage us to make good products because users can leave at any time,” Google said.

As is known that this tool was previously only available for Facebook users in African countries, Asia Pacific, and Latin America. Now these tools are available globally for Facebook users.

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