Facebook, Google, Twitter Collaboration to Fight Corona Virus Hoaks

Social Media Users

A number of technology companies and social media, ranging from Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, LinkedIn, to Reddit work together to combat hoax information related to the corona virus (Covid-19) which is rife circulating on the internet.

Social Media Users

The managers of technology companies exchange information with each other, and also the world health agency so that users can get accurate information about the corona virus and Covid-19.

“We work closely with each other in response to Covid-19. We help millions of people stay connected while fighting hoaxes and misinformation about the virus,” they wrote in a joint statement.

Technology companies and social media from the US also agreed to prioritize content that comes from official authorities on their respective platforms, and distribute updates through coordination with health agencies from governments around the world.

“We invite other companies to join us, in order to keep the community safe and healthy,” the statement continued. Compiled from Mashable, Thursday (3/19/2020), some of the companies that had collaborated with each other before had launched their own efforts to combat the hoax about Covid-19.

Facebook, for example, blocks ads that appear to offer drugs for the corona virus. Microsoft through Bing launched a site to track the spread of the corona virus worldwide in real time. Then, Twitter removes tweets that are considered misleading.

Google also plans to create an online site to help US citizens find out whether they should get a Covid-19 examination and where to get it.

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