Facebook Launches Campus, Similar to Early Versions of Facebook


For those of you who have watched the film “The Social Network”, surely you know how Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook. The film, which is inspired by the real events of the birth of Facebook, tells how Zuckerberg created a platform to connect with his classmates.


The original Facebook version is now “reborn” with a new name, namely Campus. Facebook has just released a Campus aimed at students, where they can exchange information or news with their fellow students. Campus is one of the sections embedded in the main Facebook platform.

On Campus, users can join by accessing the News Feed specifically about campus, joining groups, campus events, online concerts, and so on. They can find classmates through the Campus Directory menu. A special requirement to join Campus is that users must provide their campus e-mail address along with their year of year.

When they log in successfully, they will be created a new profile account specifically for Campus. Then, they can add or delete the accounts of classmates, whether they are classmates, dorm mates, junior, senior, and so on.

Like Facebook, the more information they enter on the platform, the easier it is for users to find friends who are similar. Campus Product Manager Charmaine said her team would enter a separate profile because students might not want to share their education information on their public profiles.

To date, the new Campus is being launched at 30 universities in the United States, including Johns Hopkins, Northwestern, University of Louisville, Vassar, and Virginia Tech. Only users registered on one campus can interact with each other.

Even though the Facebook profile is separate from Campus, if a student blocks another user on Facebook, that setting will also appear on Campus as well and vice versa. Likewise, users who violate the provisions on Facebook will not be able to join Campus. After graduation, alumni can still join Campus.

However, they will get a notification on Facebook encouraging them to leave the Campus platform. Summarized from The Verge, Saturday (12/9/2020), Campus might be an alternative to Facebook so that young people and students can stay on Facebook.

It is possible that currently students form groups with their classmates or their campus community friends. However, with Campus Facebook will be more controlled to see how Campus users interact with each other.

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