Facebook Release CatchUp, Application for Phone 8 People at Once

Facebook CatchUp

Facebook released a new application. This application called CatchUp allows users to make busy voice calls. CatchUp can accommodate as many as eight participants together. Although made by Facebook, to be able to use CatchUp, users are not required to have a Facebook social media account or other application.

Facebook CatchUp

Through this application, users can make audio calls through their cellphone contact list. Special, this application can display the user’s status whether he is being contacted by phone or not. According to Facebook, most people do not know whether the other party to be contacted is in a ready condition or not to receive phone calls.

That’s the idea that underlies the making of the CatchUp application. Because, with this application the user can see whether the person to be contacted is pleased to receive a phone call or not.

“We found that one of the main reasons people don’t call often is because they don’t know when they can talk or worry they will contact the other person at the wrong time,” wrote Nikki Shah, Facebook’s Product Lead via his official blog. This application is different from WhatsApp or similar platforms.

CatchUp is made only for audio calls, not video. In the application, Facebook also offers privacy settings options to users so that they can control who can join the group call. CatchUp also displays the “Ready to Talk” option which allows users to join immediately if they have been invited to make a group call.

Unfortunately, the new CatchUp is available for the United States. Not yet known whether this application will be released soon to other regions or not. This application was made by the New Product Experimentation (NPE) team on Facebook as summarized from TechCunch , Thursday (05/28/2020).

The team was tasked with creating a number of new applications separate from the Facebook platform , to test user responses regarding the application’s use.

So far, the NPE team has created several products such as the Whale image maker application, the Bump social networking platform, to the DJ Aux music application.

The newest product is Tuned, an application designed specifically for couples. Facebook says that, through the Tuned application, couples can communicate “as is” as when actually meeting face to face.

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