Facebook Releases Hobbies, Pinterest-Like Applications

Hobbi application

Facebook released a new application called Hobbi whose function is similar to the popular photo and video-based social networking platform, Pinterest. Like Pinterest, Hobbi users can save and arrange photos or videos to showcase their activities, such as works of art, cooking recipes, and so on, in one topic.

Hobbi application

A collection of photos and videos based on this topic is similar to the “Boards” feature on Pinterest, moreover the series of images can also be shared on social media platforms.

However, unlike Pinterest which is widely available, the new Hobbi can be used in only a few countries, such as Ukraine, Colombia, Spain, Belgium, and some users in the United States. Hobbies can also be downloaded from the iOS app store, Apple App Store. via the following link.

Not yet known whether the Hobbi will be available in other countries and the Android platform or not. As compiled from The Verge, Sunday (02/16/2020), this application was made by the New Product Experimentation (NPE) team on Facebook.

As the name suggests, the team that was pioneered mid-2019 aims to create a number of new applications separate from the Facebook platform to test user responses related to the usability of the application.

So far, a variety of products made by NPE, such as applications to make pictures of Whale jokes, social networking platforms Bump, to the music application DJ Aux, no one has achieved success in the market. Will the Hobbi have the same fate as the three applications? Only time can answer that.