Facebook Releases Messenger Application for Windows and Mac

Messenger application

After being present for approximately nine years on mobile devices, Facebook finally brought the Messenger conversation application to the desktop realm. Messenger service itself has actually been available and accessed via desktop in the web version (Messenger.com) since 2015.

Messenger application

However, this is the first time Facebook has released Messenger in the form of applications for Windows and MacOS operating system users.

According to Vice President of Facebook Messenger, Stan Chudnovsky, the launch of this application was motivated by an increase in the number of users of the web version of Messenger over the past month.

The reason, people in several countries are encouraged to stay at home while socializing remotely to minimize the risk of spreading the corona virus.

“Over the past month, we have seen a more than 100 percent increase in the number of users who use the web version of Messenger to simply make voice or video calls,” Chudnovsky said on the Facebook Newsroom website.

Tools for working from home Various features available in the desktop version of the Messenger application itself are not much different from the mobile or web version. For voice and video calls, for example, users can still do these two activities for free with an unlimited duration, provided there is an internet connection.

Messenger itself can accommodate up to 50 people in one voice or video call. That is, this application can be used as an alternative for those who want to use it as a tool to work from home ( work from home / WFH).

Besides being used for video calls, Messenger can also be used to chat via text messages and send moving stickers (GIF images) to friends and family.

The desktop version of the Messenger application has also been equipped with an all-dark interface, aka dark mode, as summarized from Engadget , Friday (3/4/2020).

Windows 10 users who want to try out the Messenger application can download it for free at the Microsoft Store by visiting the following link . While MacOS users can get it on the App Store via the following link .

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