Facebook Reportedly Canceled Tuck Ads on WhatsApp

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Facebook plans to insert ads on WhatsApp instant messaging services this year, reportedly canceled. One source in said that the team responsible for realizing the idea was dissolved by Facebook. In fact, the team’s work has reportedly also been deleted from the WhatsApp code.

Illustration of WhatsApp

This news is quite surprising, because the plan, advertisements on WhatsApp will begin rolling this year. In the Facebook Marketing Summit that took place in Berlin in 2019, Facebook also showed off how an advertisement will appear on WhatsApp Status.

Not yet known the exact reason why Facebook canceled this plan. Summarized from Business Insider, Friday (1/17/2020), WhatsApp representatives said that the plan was not completely canceled. Advertising on WhatsApp is still a long-term plan that is not yet known when it will be realized.

Currently, Facebook mash focus on developing features to facilitate communication between business people and consumers through WhatsApp Business. Including the development of WhatsApp Payment which so far has still been hampered by its trial in India, due to constrained regulations there.

WhatsApp Payment will reportedly also be present in Indonesia, although there is no bright spot. Plans to advertise on WhatsApp have been heard several years before. That said, this plan was what made WhatsApp founder Brian Acton resign from Facebook Inc. in September 2017.

Shortly thereafter, his colleague Jan Koum also withdrew in May 2018. As is known, WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014 with an acquisition value of 22 billion US dollars.

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