Facebook Stories content will be shared directly on Instagram

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Both Facebook and Instagram, currently both have the Stories feature. Even though they are in the same parent, the Stories feature on the two platforms is not yet perfectly connected. One of them is a cross-platform sharing function that allows users to upload the same content on two different platforms.

Facebook illustration

When uploading content to Stories, Instagram users can choose whether the content will also be uploaded to Facebook Stories or not. But this is not the case when Facebook users will upload content to Facebook Stories. Facebook users do not have the option to upload the same content directly to Instagram.

However, in the future, the cross-platform sharing function will also appear to be available to Facebook Stories users. The appearance of the function was first revealed by programmer Jane Manchun Wong who is known to often open applications.

Through her Twitter account, Jane uploaded screenshots which is proof that Facebook is indeed testing the function.

Facebook spokesman also confirmed this news. He said this function can maximize the experience of Facebook users. The reason is, they can focus on creating interesting content without having to waste time sharing the content on two platforms.

Summarized from Tech Crunch, Wednesday (11/03/2020), Facebook also said tests are reported internally already completed and ready to be tested for the public. Facebook also said it would continue to develop a number of other features in its application.

For information, Facebook is currently trying to integrate the three services it has, namely social media Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Facebook Stories was first launched in March 2017. This feature allows Facebook users to share their stories like Instagram Stories. Facebook Stories also provides various interactive filters with the same Augmented Reality (AR) technology as embedded on Instagram.

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