Facebook Will Remind Users If Their Data is Third-Party Accessed

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Many privacy issues on Facebook come from third-party applications that are given access to the user’s personal data. Related to this, to make it easier for users to track where the data is shared, Facebook is rolling out a new feature called “Login Notifications”.

Facebook illustration

This feature will display notifications on the Facebook application if the user logs into a third-party service using his Facebook account. In the notification window, information is displayed on the login time along with access to any type of data requested by the third party, for example, information about names, birthdays, e-mail addresses, or friends lists.

There is also a special button named “Edit Settings” to remove the third party application’s access rights to personal data.

“Notifications reminds users that they have full rights over the data that is shared with third parties,” Facebook wrote in a post containing the announcement. In addition to the Facebook application, the same notification about third party data access will also be sent to the user’s e-mail address registered in the Facebook account.

Entering 2020, Facebook said it would continue experiments to increase user control over their data, especially those related to logging into third parties.

The problem of data access by these third parties could make a tantrum throughout the world when the Cambridge Analytica scandal surfaced in early 2018. Thirdly, the political consulting company collects personal data of millions of Facebook users – through quiz third-party applications.

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