Finally WhatsApp Users Can Reject or Accept Entering a Group, Here’s the Way

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Since last April, WhatsApp has a privacy feature that allows users to block all existing contacts so that those who are blocked can not put users into groups suddenly. Unfortunately, users cannot choose specifically, who are the friends who can invite them to the conversation group.

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Now, the feature is officially updated, and users this time can choose freely which WhatsApp account can add them to a group. Users can also choose to accept or decline invitations to the conversation group. This feature itself can already be tested by us on WhatsApp Android version 2.19.308. For users who don’t find these features, it’s a good idea to update their WhatsApp applications.

Then, how to use WhatsApp’s newest privacy feature? Following are the steps as summarized by us from TheNextWeb. To limit who can enter us into the WhatsApp group, users must first access the WhatsApp settings menu.

On the settings page, select the “Accounts” menu and then select “Privacy” and click “Groups”. A few moments later, three options will appear regarding who can put users in the group, there are “Everyone”, “My contacts”, and “My contact except …”.

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Here, click the “My contact except …” option, then select who the contacts you want the user to block , so that they can’t put users in the WhatsApp group all of a sudden. When finished selecting, click the check button located at the bottom right to save user preferences.

Well, if the blocker wants to invite the WhatsApp users who blocked them, the admin of the related WhatsApp group must send the invitation link to enter the group. Links can be sent via private message (PM) to related users. Users who are invited into the group can then weigh up whether to join by clicking the invitation link or not.

The invitation to login link to the conversation group itself is valid for 72 hours. If you want to use this link method, users can choose the Everyone option in the “Who can add me to groups” menu above.

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