Firefox 71 on Windows Has a Picture-in-Picture Feature

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Mozilla released the latest Firefox browser, version 71 on December 3, 2019 ago. Firefox 71 comes with a number of updates and new features. Updates in Firefox 71 can be found in Firefox Lockwise and MP3 encoding security features that are active by default on Linux, Windows, and macOS.

Mozilla Firefox logo

While the interesting new features of Firefox 71 are Picture-in-Picture. This feature displays videos in a mini screen that will remain open even if the user is browsing switching tabs in the Firefox application or using another application.

This picture-in-picture feature can be called a function of moving the video we are watching to another window. Videos can be moved to a new window but do not close the tab that is opening the video page being played because that way the video window will also close.

How to use this feature, as quoted on the page, Saturday (12/07/2019), by clicking on the blue icon to the right of the video to bring up the video to a new window. A blue icon will appear when you move the mouse cursor in the video view.

This Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to watch videos, for example on YouTube, while doing other work. The video window will always be in front of any application that the user opens. But unfortunately, for now the Picture-in-Picture feature is only available for Windows, and further promises will be available for MacOS X and Linux.

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