FTC Call Cambridge Analytica Intentionally Deceived Facebook Users

Cambridge Analytica scandal

Still remember the Cambridge Analytica scandal that befell Facebook some time ago? The case of 87 million Facebook users has now entered a new phase. The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) ensures that Cambridge Analytica deliberately deceives Facebook users to collect data and personal information belonging to users.

Cambridge Analytica scandal

Cambridge Analytica uses Facebook users’ personal information secretly to target voters ahead of the 2016 presidential election. “The Commission found evidence that Cambridge Analytica violated the Federal Trade Commission’s laws through fraud,” the FTC said.

The FTC also asks Cambridge Analytica to maintain the confidentiality of the user data it collects, or else the Cambridge Analytica must delete the data. Nearly two years after the scandal broke, this was the first time the FTC had issued an official statement.

To remind you, early in 2018, Facebook stumbled on a scandal of misuse of personal data of users. A total of 87 million user data is in the hands of Cambridge Analytica data analyst firm. This data is allegedly misused for the purposes of the 2016 US presidential election.

Since the scandal broke, the FTC has been investigating Facebook, which has also been closely monitored for the use of personal data about users. The FTC also truly has the authority to hold Mark Zukerberg accountable as CEO of Facebook Inc., regarding all issues regarding the misuse of user data. This scandal sparked a national discussion about privacy in cyberspace and created bad issues about Facebook as a technology company.

Many people think that the Cambridge Analytica scandal will cripple Facebook, and Mark Zuckerberg. But it was broken because up to now Facebook has reaped higher profits along with its share price which reached a new record peak of all time.

In April 2019, Facebook posted its first quarter revenue of 15 billion US dollars and cash reserves of more than 40 billion US dollars, according to the New York Times report. Quoted from BGR, during the last 20 months the survey also showed that this scandal did not have a significant impact on the habits of Facebook users.

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