Google Chrome Will Mark Sites as “Slow”

Google is planning to mark the sites web-site were detected slow in loading pages. The plan that will be poured into the mobile browser version of Chrome is revealed by Google through its official blog. They actually have not confirmed how the site tagging mechanism will be applied to general users specifically, even the time of release.

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However, there are several aspects of the marking that they are exploring for the benefit of the trial. Some of them go through a loading screen or a white screen that displays when Chrome is loading a page, to the change of the color of the progress bar that indicates the speed of the site.

Google will also provide information on whether a site is classified as “slow” or not, through a menu that will appear before the user clicks on a link. Here’s an overview of labeling a site based on the level of speed that is being tested by Google in the Chrome application.

As shown in the picture on the left, users will later be presented with the statement “usually loads slow” when they are accessing a site that is detected as not bandwidth friendly . While for sites that are able to load pages quickly, Google will provide a sign by coloring the progress bar located below the address bar (URL address box) with shades of green, like the picture on the left above.

Sites that have not been classified as fast themselves progress bar will still be as usual, namely the blue color as shown in the picture on the left.

Well, to categorize sites based on the level of speed, Google relies on historical data access speed of each site. Going forward, Google plans to mark this slow site based on internet speeds of users and devices, as summarized from Ubergizmo , Wednesday (11/13/2019). Although this plan is explained in detail, Google does not want to disclose when the marking of this site will be applied to general users because it is still in the testing phase.

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