Google launches camera application for “mediocre” cellphones

Camera Go application

In order to improve the ability to capture images on devices with the Android Go operating system, Google released a new camera application. The application called Camera Go is designed for entry-level class phones , those devices that have 1GB RAM or even less.

Camera Go application

According to the Android Product Lead Manager (Go edition), Arpit Midha, Camera Go was launched in response to Android Go phone users who want to have a better camera application.

“One of the users’ requests when Android Go first launched was’ we want a better camera ‘,” Arpit said in a YouTube video uploaded by the Android channel. Although memory friendly, Arpit claims the features embedded in Camera Go are not inferior to camera applications in general.

One of them is the “portrait” feature, where users can take photos with blurred effects ( bokeh ) around objects or faces in the style of contemporary mobile phones.

Camera Go application capture portrait

Display interface (UI) of Camera Go itself is fairly simple. Thus, users who have recently switched to smartphones for the first time will be able to operate camera applications easily.

Camera Go users can also monitor their remaining storage capacity when used to take pictures. Because, there are indicators that show how many photos left can be taken until full storage. This indicator is located at the top center when the Camera Go application is used.

Arpit said, the Camera Go application will be present for the first time on Android Go Nokia 1.3 phones. This phone is said to be released in April with a price tag of around 102 US dollars.

Summarized from Google’s official blog on Sunday (3/22/2020), Google promised to launch a memory saving camera application on other Go Android phones in the future. Apart from that, the presence of Camera Go itself adds to the list of “saving” memory applications made by Google for the Android Go operating system.

In its portfolio, Google already has a number of applications that come with the “Go” appendage, such as YouTube Go, Files Go, and Asisstant Go, Maps Go, to Google Go.

The Android Go itself was first introduced at the end of 2017. Android Go is a lightweight Android operating system that can be used on devices with minimal specifications such as 1 GB RAM.

Android Go is Google’s initiative to expand the use of Android smartphones, especially in developing countries. Because of the minimal specifications, devices with the Android Go Edition operating system are sold at a lower price tag.

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