Google Launches Special Corona Virus Information Page

google covid19 spage

World attention is now focused on the corona outbreak. It is known, the spread of this virus is increasingly widespread in various countries. In order to minimize the impact of the spread of the virus, Google recently launched a special page containing information about covid-19.

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Not only information about distribution, there is also general knowledge about co-19, symptoms of the disease, ways of prevention, to treatment methods. This page contains articles, videos and infographics taken from World Health Organization (WHO) data and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

“People can find information by country. There are also safety and prevention tips, search trends related to COVID-19 , and other information for individuals, educators, and businesses,” Google wrote.

In addition to general information related to corona, Google also presents a map that displays the spread of the corona virus outbreak throughout the world, complete with a confirmed number of covid-19 cases.

google covid19 spage

There is also a Google Trends column that displays a variety of popular keywords related to the corona virus that users search through the Google search engine.

In addition, Google also provides a number of tips to make it easier for users in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic . Some of them include videos and tips from work at home, video guides for sports, meditation, and cooking.

All information on this special page will also appear on the first page of Google search if the user is looking for something with the Corona virus keyword. Although it was just launched for the United States, Google said it would release a special co-19 page for other countries in the future.

This special page can be accessed via the following link. Previously, a number of technology companies worked together to eradicate information related to corona hoaks circulating in cyberspace. They also work closely with the world health agency so that users can get accurate information about the corona virus and Covid-19.

Technology companies and social media from the US also agreed to prioritize content that comes from official authorities on their respective platforms , as well as channeling updates through coordination with health agencies from governments around the world.

A number of technology companies and social media include Google, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Reddit

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