Google Lens Can Copy Handwriting As Digital Text

Google Lens

Google added a new feature on Google Lens that allows users to copy handwriting to a computer into digital text using only a cellphone. To try it, users must have the latest version of Google Chrome , and update the Google Lens app on Android or the Google app on iOS.

Google Lens

Don’t forget to log into your Google account too. After making an update, all you have to do is open the Google Lens application, then navigate to the handwriting you want to copy. Especially for Google applications on iOS, Lens can be accessed via the button next to the search field.

Lens will then detect handwriting. Next, select the part of the text you want to copy, then press the “copy” button at the bottom of the Google Lens interface. The text that was copied can then be pasted ( paste ) in other applications.

Users can also press the “copy to computer” button to copy and paste text to other devices such as laptops, where there is a Chrome browser that has logged in with the same Google account as the cellphone.

When tested, Google Lens was indeed able to recognize handwriting and copy it in the form of digital text. However, this application can be misread if the handwriting is not neat.

Compiled from The Verge, in addition to the copyist ‘s handwriting, Google also embed other updates on the Lens be the ability to pronounce words so that users can know how to pronounce it. It’s easy, just select the desired word using the Google Lens application, then select the “Listen” menu.

Lens will say the chosen word according to its pronunciation. The ability to pronounce this word is now only available for Android users, but Google also plans to release it soon for iOS.

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