Google Maps Disguised Gliding Mode, Here’s How To Use It

Google Maps mode Incognito

After being introduced at the Google I/O event last May, and then began to be released in early October, the “Incognito” mode in the Google Maps application finally officially rolled. This Incognito mode allows users to maintain their privacy.

Google Maps mode Incognito

You could say that because Google will not keep a history of places that users have searched for or visited, when using the Google Maps application. This mode can be enjoyed in the Google Maps version 10.28.2.

For users who have not yet got it, we recommend updating the Google Maps application to the latest version. This incognito mode will be released to Google Maps users in the next few days, as we summarized from TechCrunch.

Unfortunately, users of the iOS version of Google Maps have to be a little patient. Because, Google said that they would pour this feature to Android users first. Known, Incognito mode itself is also available in other Google applications, such as Google Chrome to YouTube. So, how do how to activate this mode in Google Maps?

This incognito mode can be activated by clicking on the user avatar icon located in the upper right corner of the Google Maps application view.

How to activate Incognito mode on Google Maps

After that, select the “Turn on Incognito mode” option. Shortly thereafter, the Google Maps application will be reopened automatically and the user will be presented with an incognito mode Google Maps display. To deactivate it, users simply click the Incognito icon which replaces the user’s avatar and then select the “Turn off Incognito mode” option.

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