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Google Offers a Prize of 1 million US dollars for Breaking a Pixel Smartphone

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In the bounty bug program that he held, Google later increased the number of rewards for hackers who could break into a Pixel smartphone. The amount of prize lure now reaches 1 million US dollars. The requirement, the hacker must find a way to do “remote code execution” that can provide continuous access to Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 devices.

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In other words, the hacking competition was made by Google to prove and test the ability of the Titan M security chip that was implanted in his Pixel phone. The security chip was first embedded by Google in Pixel 3, released in 2018 ago. This chip is then again present in Pixel 4 which was recently introduced.

Titan M plays a role in preventing hacking efforts carried out on Pixel 3 or Pixel 4 mobile devices, such as by preventing malware loading and securing password information. In addition, as compiled from Forbes, Saturday (11/30/2019), Google also offered a prize of up to 1.5 million US dollars for hackers who could find security holes in the Android OS version of the developer preview.

Google also announced a number of new categories in the Android Security Rewards Program that has been rolled out since 2015. The prize reaches a range of 500,000 US dollars. So far in 2019, Google has poured prize money of 1.5 million US dollars for the bounty bug program.

In the last four years Google has spent at least more than 4 million US dollars on the program. Google provides an average of more than 15,000 US dollars for hackers who managed to break into the security system of its products.

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