Google Podcast Officially Present on iOS with a New Look

Google Podcast application on an Android

Google has officially released its podcast application, Google Podcast, the first time for an iOS device. Previously, the podcast service made by giant technology company from Mountain View, California, USA was only available for devices with Android operating system (OS) since June 2018.

Google Podcast application on an Android

That is, it took about two years for Google to be able to present its homemade podcast service to various Apple output devices. Google Podcast version of iOS comes with views updated interface, where users will find three tabs Newer located at the bottom of the interface display applications. The three tabs include “Home”, “Explore” and “Activity”.

The Home tab contains a number of the latest content from podcast announcers that have been followed ( subscribed ), while the Explore tab is useful for searching podcast content by genre, or simply finding out what podcas are being heard by the public.

The Activity tab itself, as the name suggests, is a feature that displays all user activity on Google Podcasts, such as the history of podcast content that has been heard, downloaded, to the related announcers that have been followed.

The new look of Google Podcast

The presence of these three tabs is arguably something new on Google Podcast. The reason is that the current version of Google Podcast Android still carries a single page that contains all podcast content, both trending and subscribed, rather than being broken into three tabs.

The good news, Google plans to bring the new look of the Google Podcast which was enriched by the three tabs for the Android version through an update ( update ) around this week, as summarized from TheVerge, Friday (3/27/2020).

Well, for iPhone users, iPod Touch, to iPad, the Google Podcast application can be downloaded here , while for Android smartphone users can get it at the following link . Google Podcasts can also be accessed on a desktop (PC) via the site .

All podcast data , such as search history or any content that has been heard, will be synchronized automatically even if the user hears it on a different platform, as long as they log in with the same Google account.

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