Google Prepare Emoji Special Columns on the Gboard

illustration of Emoji

Along with World Emoji Day on July 17, Google announced that they are preparing a bar alias special emoji column for Gboard keyboard application users. The bar will then be located above the keyboard, adjacent to the autocorrect column, and will appear when activated by the user.

illustration of Emoji

This special column is created as a shortcut to make it easier for users when they want to insert an emoji into text. Currently, emojis on the Gboard are accessed in a fairly time-consuming manner, i.e. pressing the comma button for a few moments.

In addition to the column, Google is also preparing 117 new emojis, including emojis, people giving milk bottles to babies, people dressed in tuxedos, hooded people, to emojis smiling happy faces with tears.

There are also a number of redesigned emojis to better suit the dark mode display. These emojis will reportedly also be available for devices with the iOS 14 operating system.

Summarized from Engadget, Wednesday (7/22/2020), the special emoji column feature is still in the testing phase. However, this feature will reportedly be released for Android users in the near future.

However, Google does not mention the exact date of the availability of shortcuts for these emojis. This feature does look simple but will make it easier for users. Because, the use of emojis has now become an inseparable part in text-based conversations or chat.

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