Google Releases 3 New Applications for Persons with Disabilities

google in cellphone

Commemorating Global Accessibility Awareness Day, Google introduced a series of new applications for people with disabilities. The application is here to facilitate persons with disabilities in operating smartphones. There are three applications introduced, namely Action Blocks, Instant Transcription, and Voice Amplifiers.

google in cellphone

All three are available and can be downloaded by users through the Google Play Store. “Today we announce new features that we hope will bring changes in the lives of people around the world, especially people with disabilities,” said Brian Kemler, Google’s Android Accessibility Product Manager in a conference call session, Wednesday.

1. Action Blocks

This application is here to help people with disabilities when carrying out daily activities through their smartphones . With the Action Blocks feature, persons with disabilities can place service icons that are frequently used on their cellphones and placed on the main screen.

“We want to provide an easy way for people with cognitive disabilities to do their daily activities on Android more easily, starting from contacting their relatives via video calls,” said Ajit Narayanan Software Engineer & Technology’s Lead Action Blocks Google.

2. Instant Transcription

This application presents text in audio form that can help persons with disabilities to understand conversations. This feature can also manually save people’s names, object names, address names, or words that are often spoken. If the words are mentioned, the phone will vibrate automatically later.

“We are launching Instant Transcription which presents text from audio for free that makes it easy for people with disabilities to have daily conversations,” explained Brian Kemler, Google’s Android Accessibility Product Manager.

3. Sound Amplifier

Sound Amplifiers exist to produce audio on the smartphone to be clearer and can amplify the weak sound. Audio settings can also be adjusted according to the user’s will. This application is useful for users with weak hearing abilities.

“Sound Amplifiers were launched to make audio on Android smartphones clearer by amplifying weak sounds without making loud sounds louder,” Brian Kemler explained. Not only that, this feature can also be used portable via Bluetooth headphones as a tool to amplify the sound of third-party applications such as YouTube and Spotify.

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